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Complete coal transhipment plant


The plant comprises two 30-tonne cranes which load two hoppers that receive the material.

The product is extracted from each hopper by a rubber extractor belt and conveyed onto a single transverse belt, above which is a splitter by-pass unit to unload the material onto two longitudinal belts, each of which feeds a ship loader, their centre distance being between the middle of the supporting column and the centreline of the 30m chute.

The plant is designed to load/ unload ships up to Capesize at a rate of 2000 tonnes of coal per hour. This ship was built at a Chinese shipyard in Nantong.

All of the mechanical parts of the transport system were made in Italy and despatched to the site, where they were installed by Sammi technical supervisors. In addition to the mechanical equipment, Sammi also supplied the electrical and hydraulic units.