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About Us

In 2011, SAMMI S.r.l. signed an important agreement as sole supplier of COECLERICI LOGISTICS S.p.A, a company that has for more than a century been the world leader in the supply, sale and transportation of mining raw materials to the end user.

Due to its versatility, skill and ability to tackle ever more complicated projects and challenges, day by day and project after project, SAMMI has gained the trust of its clients, creating a relationship that goes beyond the normal supplier/customer relationship, over time becoming a partner on which to rely when faced with the challenges thrown up by the market.

These are some of the main off-shore plants built by SAMMI for COECLERICI Logistics:


  • 2006 – BULK PIONEER

  • 2011 – BULK JAVA

  • 2011 – BULK KREMI

  • 2012 – BULK BORNEO

  • 2013 – BULK SUMATRA

  • Studio di fattibilità di un impianto off-shore installato su una nave del Gruppo Coeclerici per il carico delle chiatte con sistema ship-loader con capacità di 4000TPH di carbone.