18 August 2011

Sammi, on this day, has concluded an important supply contract with PT SAIPEM INDONESIA,  branch of Saipem of the Eni Group,

Regarding n° 02 semicircular “Future Steel Building shelters” type XS125-40-132 with a system of only self-supporting arches for sanding and painting cabins, to be installed in the Karimun site in Indonesia.

The particularity of the shelters lies in their size, in fact each one measures 38 x h=12 x 40m circa (W x H x L) and are complete with great main doors of approx. 30 x h=11m with eight sliding and overlaying doors.

The total weight of each shelter will be about 90 tons and n° 04 40’ box containers will be necessary to transport each one.

The material will be ready for shipment in only 9 weeks from date of order.

The present supply represents one of the most important challenges ever faced by Sammi both in terms of supply quality and production time.

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