Steel and reinforced concrete structures
Dynamic analysis of structures
Geotechnical engineering
Foundation design
Seismic engineering
Assessment of the seismic vulnerability of buildings
Upgrading and renovating existing structures

SAMMI is able to support its clients from the initial structure design phase using the latest generation of 3D modelling software so as to:

SAMMI produces construction drawings, manges  the individual phases in order to build the structure.

Obviously, in addition to reinforced concrete structures, SAMMI is capable of carrying out the operational procedures involved in building the metal structures, keeping all of the design and construction phases under its direct control.

Particular attention is paid to the design of structures to be used in earthquake areas where, by using the appropriate digital simulation software, SAMMI can simulate the behaviour of the structures under the action of the stresses exerted by an earthquake, then analysing the combined dynamic response of both the structure and its foundations.

SAMMI offers skills in the geotechnical engineering sector too, producing studies and calculations such as the design of appropriate foundation piles.