SAMMI s.r.l. is specialized in design and manufacturing of machines for bulk materials handling, providing complete systems and solutions in different fields. In over forty years of history, SAMMI has expanded its action and production sectors, by increasing and improving its human, managerial and technical skills.



PHILOSOPHY. No barriers exist, only new challenges”. This is not only a slogan. This is the philosophy that leads our action. Over the years, SAMMI has always tried to extend its target market, offering new specific services and facing new markets. In the globalized world, product quality is no longer sufficient. Being dynamic, open and ready for every new challenges and opportunities is fundamental in order to remain competitive.


KEY POINTS. Technologically advanced equipment, several application fields, flexibility to adapt itself to most demanding customers. These are the main elements of SAMMI’s strategy for being competitive in the complex, selective and extremely demanding sector of bulk handling industry. The company’s aims are to: design, build and innovate. SAMMI invests constantly to offer solutions that anticipate the needs of its customers.


SERVICES. The activity of the enterprise is not only focused on production stage, but covers the whole lifecycle of the equipment supplied, from the designing to choosing the materials, from production/construction to assembly, from the outset of work right through to maintenance. Indeed, SAMMI wants to support the final user of its equipment, by providing after-sales technical assistance. To complete the production cycle, SAMMI has an area dedicated to the surface treatment of manufactured items, ranging from metal shotblasting in a 5x5x15m room to the paint shop kitted out to perform the different treatments and cycles required.


WORLD. Thanks to its ever-increasing investment in human resources and modern equipment and to its attention to resolve every sophisticated customers needs, SAMMI gained trust of lots of investors all over the world, establishing lasting commercial relations in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Ukraine, China, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates.


QUALITY AND CERTIFICATE: Quality, reliability and security of the service offered are priorities of our activity. The certifications obtained confirm our care and daily effort to guarantee the best possible result. Certificate ISO 9001:2015 about quality management system shows the attention dedicated by SAMMI to every detail concerning the production process. SAMMI also achieved ISO 1090 about conformity of the factory production control.